Project Protect: Local Initiative

Since last Wednesday, we have been supporting different initiatives, including the mask shortage project. This is a huge team effort and we want to thank all of our local companies willing to help! Here are some of the designs that have been made so far by locals with Project Protect ICT Mask Bella Bonita Designs X GoCreate Collaboration.

For this project, drop off locations are listed below.

Two In The Bag locations are accepting face masks. Both locations have drive-thrus.

– 2250 N Ridge Rd,
21st and Ridge; 316-721-5117
– 3700 N Woodlawn
37th and Woodlawn; 316-681-0690

M-F 10a-6p
Sat 10a-2p

After In The Bag accepts the masks, they will clean and sterilize within 24 hrs and then deliver to local hospitals and medical teams in need. If you are not comfortable taking them to In the Bag, please schedule a time for GoCreate to pick up your masks.

We will continue to update you on Project Protect here on the blog. For questions or for mask requests, please e-mail

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