Best Friends Volunteer and Find Their Niche

Debbie Wiesner and Judy Wells have known each other for 23 years. Judy has been quilting since 1998 and is a retired accountant. Debbie, a retired postal worker, has been quilting since 1997. She is an experienced quilt pattern designer and at one time was even published in national magazines and calendars.

The two became members on assistance at GoCreate in order to help create quilts for a local program called Victory in the Valley. The non-profit program concentrates on helping cancer patients by providing them with practical services, including a handmade quilt the size of a chemo chair. In 2019, Debbie made 168 quilts for the program. The entire volunteer team (comprised of roughly 20 people) made 556 quilts in 2019.

Debbie also sews for Damascus Road Ministry Center, who provides pillows to the homeless. She saves all the scraps from quilting to make the pillows. “We waste nothing,” Debbie said.

Their latest project is salty shirt designs. Debbie and Judy first created a vintage Santa design in December and it was a hit. They soon started a small business called Denim After Dark. “We are kind of opposites and meet in the middle,” Judy said about her and Debbie. The two have already held one workshop at GoCreate and have another scheduled this April.

“Our vision is to have fun and make people laugh,” said Judy.


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