Collin Uses GoCreate to Make Art Show Possible

When Collin Allen decided to attend Wichita State University three and a half years ago, he knew GoCreate was a place he had to be. “I had heard about GoCreate and knew it was going to be a premier maker’s space,” Allen said. “I researched the equipment, materials and facility and I was literally one of the first members to walk through the door.”

Upon joining, Collin applied for membership assistance and was granted an opportunity that helped direct the vision for his artwork and career. In that time, Collin has not only created and printed nearly 90% of his artwork at GoCreate but he has developed a social media following that urged him to host his first pop up gallery: ArtBomb Gallery Show. The show will be held as a part of First Friday on December 6 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at 2512 E Douglas, Wichita, KS. 

“This is the largest show I’ve ever put together and I couldn’t have done it if it was not for GoCreate,” Allen said. The show will be comprised of all of his artwork from the past three years, and will feature paintings, prints, sculptures, tables, jewelry and event-exclusive wallets and laptop cases. Everything in the show will be for sale. “The facility has given me the opportunity to invest my life in my art and expand in all areas I love creating in. There are not many places like this where you can literally work on all of your projects in one space. Last Saturday morning I was sewing a wallet for my show, later moved to the design studio to make some prints and by lunch I was welding a table for my displays. In the late afternoon I finished in the woodshop. There’s not a studio I haven’t utilized with my membership at GoCreate and my art has evolved and grown because of GoCreate.”

As a native Wichita artist, Collin enjoys using salvaged and upcycled materials. “All of my show is from parts and pieces of things I’ve found,” Allen said. When I was a kid I was always bothered by throwing things away. My goal is to morph the discards of life into something beautiful and intriguing, and maybe to remind people of the importance of looking at things from a different angle every now and again. The things I create are gleaned from a childhood of looking at broken windows, cracked door frames, and discarded beer bottle caps and seeing not what had been but what it could be.”

After graduation in December, Collin expects many galleries in his future. “Currently I’m considering shows all over the United States but locally, I would also like to start a program for artists on how to use industrial processes. Art is a business and there are not many in our community that can help other artists navigate through that. I’m excited to be intentionally moving forward in as many ways as I can. I’m sure I will always be a part of GoCreate because the environment is so encouraging and limits are not put on creativity.”

Follow Collin on his website: or find him on Instagram at Allenworks.

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