Two Sisters Discover New Skill with Pet Costumes

When we started we only knew how to sew on a button,” said Sandra Salas about herself and her sister, Noemi Herrera.

The sisters moved to Wichita from Garden City just a couple months ago. Salas heard about a GoCreate class being offered at the Advanced Library on Hardwood Floors. After taking that class, the sisters were interested in seeing what else they could learn from GoCreate.

“No dream is too small or too big,” said Salas.

GoCreate is a premier makerspace open to creators of all ages and experiences.  Members have access to all of the state-of-the- art machinery within the 18,000-square-foot space.  The sophisticated tools, equipment and classes are beyond the reach of most DIY’ers but the experienced mentors and collaborative environment makes GoCreate a special place for hobbyists and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.

Herrera said the expert training and a supportive community is what drew them to join GoCreate. “The mentors have been instrumental in teaching us how to turn our ideas into real projects,” Herrera said. “Not once has anyone told us something couldn’t be done. They simply say ‘yes’ and they help us find a way to create something we are dreaming of.”

Textiles Mentor Charlotte Prichard assisted the two with tackling their first major project: Halloween pet costumes for their dog and two cats. “We decided if we were going to learn to sew, we should make things we would actually use,” Salas said. “Charlotte has so much experience in costumes and design. She taught us not only how to sew the fabrics but also to embroider appliques for an extra special feature.” The costume project resulted in a team of Hogwarts alumni, with Salas joining in the fun as Hermione on Halloween. As you can imagine, many adorable pictures were taken.

In just five short weeks since joining GoCreate the pair has now taken every intro course for each studio; and have a basic understanding of most machines in the facility. “They are insanely supportive,” Herrera said.

As for what Sandra and Noemi are going to work on next they say it will be gifts for the holidays.  “We are anxious to use the wood lathe and turn pens and wine bottle stoppers for special, handmade gifts,” Salas said. 

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